Network partner meeting, May 2023 Photo: Petra Mahnke
Network partners

For the successful implementation of the UN Decade of the Oceans in Germany, the ODK would like to invite institutions and organizations that are actively engaged in the exploration, sustainable use and protection of the ocean to network. Together, effective activities are to be planned and implemented.

The committee supports networking through events, information on national and international activities and the visualization of relevant activities of the network partners. Registered network partners can use the German logo of the UN Decade. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Network partners

Institutions contributing to ocean research in Germany

Organizations that promote sustainable ocean stewardship in a variety of ways 

Companies committed to the protection of the ocean and the sustainable use of marine resources

Network partners operating in several areas




Institutional Capital Forum (ICF)

The ICF is the leading event platform for impact and sustainable investments in the DACH region. The Blue Economy has been on the ICF's event agenda since 2020. The ICF uses the framework of the Ocean Decade to further establish Blue Economy investment opportunities.

Sea & Sun Technology

Sea & Sun Technology GmbH is a global system provider for underwater sensor technology that cooperates with numerous research institutions. Company founder Heinz Schelwat is a co-founder of the German Ocean Foundation. SST was sponsor for the Ocean Change Expedition of Arved Fuchs, among others.


German Commission for UNESCO

The German Commission for UNESCO is a co-organization of the foreign cultural and educational policy of the Federal Republic of Germany. Its main areas of work are the promotion of high-quality and equal-opportunity education as well as the protection, preservation and sustainable development of the cultural and natural heritage.

Become a Network Partner

The Ocean Decade Committee welcomes the active participation of organizations from the social, scientific, and business communities that are committed to the protection, exploration, and sustainable use of the oceans.

You can register your organization as a network partner under the following link. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at

Liliane Rosbach at the ODK network meeting, May 2023, Hamburg. Photo: Martin Visbeck

Ocean Decade Network

Take Action NOW

In addition to the national network, there is also the possibility of networking internationally in the "Ocean Decade Network":

Here, too, there is the possibility to register projects and events as Activity, Action or Contribution and to have them promoted via the international network. If the registration is successful, the international logo of the UN Decade can be made available for use: